Best Florida Vacation Rentals
Privately Owned Vacation Rentals Offer the Best Way to Enjoy Your Vacation !

What Should You Expect of a Vacation Rental?

You will find the best Florida vacation rentals are generally privately owned, single family homes which are fully furnished and have a private pool and spa.  Numerous high quality condominiums can be found too, though they usually have community pools available for their member’s use.

Depending on your preferences and budget, seasonal rentals can range from high rise condos with spectacular Gulf views, to single family homes a mile or more from the beach.

The amenities they offer can also differ tremendously.  Many provide everything that is necessary, but little more.  On the other hand, the best Florida vacation home rentals provide all the necessary home furnishings to enable you and your family to enjoy the premises by simply unpacking.  These homes provide all kitchen utensils, all appliances, all fixtures, linens and more - and generally don’t cost any more.

Naturally, your food and other disposable necessities are not provided for.  Though, often previous guests will have left numerous items that you can put to use.

Upon your arrival, you should plan to do an inventory of available disposable items, to determine what you will need to purchase during your stay.  Unlike a hotel, a privately owned vacation rental does not offer room service.

A trip to the grocery store will be one of the first things you will want, and have to do.  You’ll need to plan to purchase items such as bar soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, toilet tissue and other necessary items.  But take a good look around the home, as many of these items may be available in the home.

Generally, guests will leave any excess items they purchase.  It’s along the line of the “pay-it-forward” philosophy.  You benefit from what previous guests have left, and future guests will benefit from what you leave.

Obviously, you;ll need to pick up groceries as well, even if you plan to dine out daily.  You will want to have on hand coffee, snacks and drinks - at a minimum, depending on your family’s needs, of course.

Making your own meals in the kitchen of a vacation rental can help stretch your vacation dollars considerably and is a huge benefit.  Most vacation rental provide an outdoor grill, as well.

However, you may need to provide the fuel.  Note to self - check the propane tank, and take it with you on your trip to the grocery store.

Propane is often an “on your honor” item.  The tank should be replenished upon your departure.

Once you have the necessities out of the way, you can get down to the serious business of relaxation!  This is what vacationing is all about...  Relaxing, that is...  Doing what you want, when you want and how you want, without having to worry about when the pool is going to close. 

A privately owned vacation rental offers the best opportunity to do just that - relax your way.  With no neighbors banging the walls, no curfews to adhere to - it’s time to put on your vacation face.

Though, there are still some rules that need to be adhered to to assure safety and enjoyment for all, and common courtesy still comes into play.  You don’t want to keep the neighbors up too late, especially on a work or school night.

When staying at a seasonal rental you can come and go as you like, take a swim when you want and even take a late night dip in the spa before going to bed for the night.  All this and it’s usually priced less than a four or five star hotel!

Of course you do surrender some conveniences - such as room service and a concierge.  Staying at a privately owned vacation rental home does involve more work.  For example, you are responsible for taking the trash to the curb on trash pick-up day, so it can be picked up.  Making sure the pool is covered when not in use, if you’re visiting at a time of year when the temperature drop below 70 at night. 

That little extra effort will go a long way in assuring your vacation is as enjoyable as it can be, and that the next guest’s visit is as nice as yours.  

This type of information should be made available prior to your arrival.  If you are provided a manual or brochure, be sure to read through it before you arrive, and take some notes.  There’s probably information there, that you will need to maximize your enjoyment.

Don’t discount the benefit of vacation insurance.  With the funky, unpredictable weather we have experienced these last few years, you really should look into it.  If the weather turns cool, and the heat pump can’t extract heat from the atmosphere, the pool water will get too cool to swim in, in just a few days, even though it is “heated.”  If it’s that cool, you’re not going to want to be at the beach.  Airboat rides - brrrrr... 

Then, of course, there’s the non-weather related inconveniences.  A private home, regardless of how well maintained it is still has the potential for problems to arise.  The homeowner or manager will strive to resolve them as quickly as possible, but they are subject to the availability of maintenance crews, parts etc.  Oh, and as a rule of thumb, if something is going to go wrong, it’ll naturally occur on a weekend, just making things that more difficult.

When you have come to enjoy the warm weather and there is none, it’s a real bummer.  That insurance could be the bright spot.  I know VacationRentals & VRBO offer insurance packages if you rent a home listed on their sites.  I have also provided a link to vacation insurance portal below - or do a web search.  Do your research, as each insurance package covers different aspects of your vacation.

Staying at a privately owned vacation home is not for everyone.  You have to weigh the pros and cons. 

Oh, but wait until the morning roles around...  It doesn’t get any better than relaxing by the pool with a cup of coffee in hand, listening as the spa water cascades into the pool, while the heat of the morning sun gently engulfs you.  Nice...  Now that, you can’t do at a hotel.

This is the kind of relaxation you can only experience at the best vacation rentals!

How to Find the Best Privately Owned 
Vacation Rental for Your Family !

When choosing to spend your vacation at a privately owned vacation home, there’s no need to worry you’ll end up staying at a place like this!

With a little research and effort you can find a vacation rental offering the comfort and convenience to satisfy your family’s vacation needs.

To see an example of what you can expect to enjoy with a typical Privately Owned Vacation Rental Home:

Oh, let me mention something about “Heated” pools.  Most heated, outdoor pools found in warm climates are heated via a “Heat Pump.”  A heat pump essentially takes heat from the ambient temperature and transfers that heat to the pool water.

Heat pumps provide a great system for heating outdoor pools.  They work very well, provided the exterior temperatures climb at least into the 70’s during the day and the pool/hot tub covers are kept on, when the pool is not in use and especially if the ambient temperatures drop below 70.

However, if the local temperatures drop unseasonably low for an extended period of time - usually more than 3+ days, then there’s insufficient heat available to transfer to the pool water.  If this happens, there’s absolutely nothing the homeowner can do.

Unless you’re staying at a multi-million dollar home or hotel with an indoor pool, the temperature of the “heated” pool will drop to uncomfortable levels, and the likelihood of your wanting to take a dip will wane.

I mention this because Florida has experienced some unseasonably cool weather these past couple of years, and it might be worth checking into vacation insurance and weighing the cost/benefit factor - just in case...

Why Should You Vacation in Southwest Florida?

Life in Southwest Florida is about as good as it gets.  Great weather, pretty much year-round, more restaurants and shopping than you can ever explore and people who are genuinely gracious and happy to see you.  This is a vacation destination you will definitely enjoy.

Even though the Bonita Springs / Naples area has grown tremendously over the last several years, there has been a conscious effort to preserve the natural, tropical beauty of the area, while assuring ease of access to beaches and waterways.

We invite you to come discover Bonita Springs / Naples!  We’re positive you too will love the sunny skies and tropical beauty, as much as we do.

There is so much to do if you like - such as the Caribbean Zoo (Naples Zoo), Putt-Putt Golf and airboat rides and then of course, there’s fine dining, shopping and the night life.  Naturally, doing nothing but relax, works just fine, too!

Somebody say golf?!  Oh yeah, there’s golf and plenty of it!  So, if that’s your thing, bring your clubs and be prepared to golf ‘til you drop - literally!

Our hope is for you to enjoy your vacation as you explore this beautiful area while staying at a comfortable, beautifully appointed vacation rental home.

Some guests see or do so much in a week while other guests seldom leave the privacy of their temporary vacation home, yard and pool.  The Bonita Springs / Naples area is such a nice place to visit, that guests return year after year.

So come, stay and relax at the best privately owned vacation rentals.  Settle in and enjoy your Florida vacation while making memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives!

To help plan your vacation, we have provided numerous links, for a wealth of information about the area.

Welcome to Bonita Springs / Naples !

You’ve planned this great vacation and spent all this money, and all it’s done is rain!  Now what?! 

Why take that chance? 

Protect your investment with Vacation Insurance!

Depending on the plan you chose, you could get a full reimbursement!